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Outreach and Public Engagement

Physics Events

Staff in the Department participate in a wide range of public activities from public lectures (see the ‘News & Events’ details above) to television interviews and school visits.

The examples below aim to give a flavour of the activities we have been involved in recently.

Science Centre Lectures

Christian Boehmer Science Centre Lecture

The Science Centre was first established in 1987 and was incorporated into UCL in 1997.

The Science Centre Lectures are free lectures on a range of scientific subjects for Sixth Form Students and their teachers and are held on Friday evenings throughout the academic year.

Past lectures can be viewed via the Science Centre link in the menu on the left.

Your Universe

Your Universe

Your Universe is the UCL Festival of Astronomy, now a legacy to the successful International Year of Astronomy 2009

Further information for 2016/17 to follow.

The Royal Society Annual Summer Exhibition

The Royal Society Summer Exhibition

The Department was involved in running two exhibitions at 2010’s Royal Society Summer Exhibition:

Nanoscale science: a giant leap for mankind, was run jointly with the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory of The Royal Institution. They explained that nanotechnology offers scientists novel applications in the field of biomedical sciences, and they are focussing on harnessing this potential to advance healthcare diagnostics and therapeutics, including localised therapy for cancer treatment.

A molecule’s eye view of water, involved Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, the Thomas Young Centre and the LCN. The exhibition focused on understanding water at the molecular scale, the right hand side picture shows a demonstrator using super cool water which freezes as it is poured. The exhibition also included ‘sinking ice-cubes’!

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